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We are John and Margaret Cokely and we began raising Llamas and Alpacas in 1991 with a pair of Llamas and two male Alpacas. Leading a busy and hectic life with a Water Well Drilling business, we needed some peace in our  lives and got it through the animals on our farm. The Llamas and Alpacas bring this especially peaceful quiet time with their aloof attitude and gentle nature. 

Alpacas are by far the most wonderful animals we have on our farm, They are great to look at and enjoyable to watch graze and prong around in their happy life here..  

 Even though we no longer breed the Alpacas, Cienega Creek Farm was the largest Alpaca farm in  Arizona for many years. We have had and enjoyed our Alpacas, Llamas, Paco-Vicuna, Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Toggenburg Goats, Nubian Goats, Emu and Poitou Donkeys and a horse. We have offered a lifestyle everyone dreamed of, The chance to own some of the most wonderful animals God has put on this earth. The experience and knowledge of our 30 years of raising and breeding livestock and any assistance our clients have needed in management, husbandry, marketing and breeding, financing, leasing, agistment and package deals as well as stud service to some of the top males in Arizona     We invite you to visit our farm to see some of the neatest animals in the world.

 Sincerely John and Margaret Cokely